Two Day Expedition

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From GBP 225

Setting sail from Stornoway, this overnight adventure gives us the chance to explore the seas nearer to Lewis but still offers all the excitement of one of our longer excursions.

Taking in the stunning coastline, we will be looking out for the abundance of marine mammals these seas are home to such as harbour porpoise, dolphins and minke whales as well as both grey and harbour seals. We will also be spying for the wealth of seabird species that can be seen in this part of the Northern Hemisphere. From noisy kittiwakes to the three auk species, from the predatory skuas to the beautiful bottle green shags, from sleek divers to the soaring fulmar these are sights we must all experience in our lifetimes.

Not content with just enjoying what we see, we will hopefully have the opportunity to collect a range of data that will go to our partner the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) to aid scientific and conservation studies in UK waters.

From GBP 225

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Leave Stornoway Harbour at 15.00

Return Stornoway Harbour at 12.00


After a day packed with the spectacles of the natural world, we will anchor for the night, enjoy a drink on deck and tuck-in to dinner whilst talking about the day’s adventure.

Come morning, we will be on our way back to port but not before maximising the time we have left, actively searching feeding grounds in the Minch, spying for birds and the unmistakable fins of dolphins and whales.


In the Autumn, late Sept/Oct, we might have the opportunity to observe and listen to the red deer rut, the mating ritual of the stags controlling their harems (groups) of females.


  1. Stornoway